Smart phone e-textile kit The LED is activated by the press stud

Smart phone holder e-textile kit.  This is a KS3 textile and electronics project that uses textiles, conductive thread and LEDs to create an illuminated smart phone pouch.

The smart phone holders are made from felt and adhesive backed felt. They use the latest breakthrough in smart textiles, (conductive thread) which allows the thread to be used with electronics in place of wires. The smart phoneholder uses 1 colour changing LED for a visual display. This LED is activated when the metal press stud is closed (Press stud acts as a switch turning the LED ON/OFF).

  • Includes all components and materials to make 30 LED colour changing smart phone holders
  • The smart phone  holder can be easy altered to suit various items: phone, mp3 players etc.
  • KS3 design and make project aimed at year 8s so it is also suitable for lower ability Year 9s and higher ability year 7s
  • This  smart material (conductive thread) connections can now be produced by a simple knot or sewing around the LEDs (Lights)
  • No soldering involved. The thread looks and behaves like conventional thread with the added bonus, that if the thread breaks the two ends can be tied together and it still works perfectly
  • Smart phone case instructions and a video show you how to make up your smart phone holder.
  • Booklet shows in detail how to turn metal textiles materials like zips, press studs, etc., into switches
  • Used by various textile consultants and due to its simplicity, and currently being used throughout education from primary to university

This kit is also available as a class pack


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