Conductive hook &  loop available  in 10cm or 1 metre lengths

Conductive hook & loop available in 10cm or 1 metre lengths. Longer lengths are available please contact us for more information.

This hook and the loop are made from a base of  DuPont nylon from the USA. Then a layer of nano silver layer is wrapped into the base material to the permanent silver fibre this. It is then woven into the world’s top anti electromagnetic radiation velcro.

Conductive hook and loop has super strong anti-electromagnetic radiation, electrical conductivity, anti-static and antibacterial deodorant performance.


Technical Details –  it is 100% silver plated fibre,  expected cycle life: 10,000 openings/closings, endurable material and high cycle life, a surface resistivity of  1 Ohm per centimetre and its electromagnetic shielding effectiveness is equal to or greater than 60dB.


Application –  this conductive hook and loop material ideal for use as a switch in electronic textiles projects. Excellent holding power.  Will conduct along its length and across the gap. This hook and loop can be easily cut to size, n stitched with conductive thread to complete the circuit or glued.


Specifications: the width is 2.5cm and the length is 10cm. The colour is chestnut


Supplied in 25mm wide strips in 10cm lengths or 1 metre lengths.


Data sheets are available on request.


This idea from SparkFun shows a project idea for conductive hook and loop. We also use this product in our KS3 pet projects book



Hook & Loop

10cm, 1 metre

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