This conductive thread kit with a CR2032 battery holder has a choice of LED colours

This Conductive Thread kit uses Madeira HC12 conductive thread.  This highly conductive thread acts and behaves like conventional thread with the added bonus of being extremely conductive.

  • Kit contains easy sew battery holder, conductive thread, CR2032 coin cell battery and two 5mm LED’s. *Rainbow and Pink contain one 5mm LED
  • Various colour kits available. Green, Red, Yellow and Blue are static LED’s. Rainbow (multi coloured) and pink are flashing LED’s
  •  Includes HC12 conductive thread and all components to easily attach the 5mm LEDs to textiles projects
  • No soldering involved. If the thread breaks tie the two ends together and it still works perfectly
  • FREE downloadable booklet includes all information needed including schemes of work and lesson plans. It shows in detail how to turn metal textiles materials like zips, press studs, etc., into switches
  • Originally designed as a KS3 project, these extremely popular projects are being used by various textile consultants and due to their simplicity are being used throughout education from primary to university
  • Introduction to product design encouraging the mixing of different D&T elements thus encouraging creativity in later school life

Blue, Green, Pink, Red, Yellow, Rainbow


1, 10, 30

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