Types of LED’s used in e-textiles

There is a huge choice of lights available to use in your e-textile or STEM projects.  Any type of light will need to have a circuit so understanding how these lights work is essential to make your project work for you. Depending, on your project choosing the right lights can be difficult, this simple guide will help you make your decision easier. 

Standard LED’s 

This type of LED light comes in many colours including red, green, blue, pink, orange, white and multi coloured. These also come as static or flashing lights. Using this type of light in e-textiles involves shaping the two prongs into small circles or eyelets.  This type of light has a positive (+) and a negative. The positive (anode +) is identified by the longer length and  the negative (cathode -) is identified by the shorter leg and this side is flatter   


Sewable Led’s 

There are many types of sewable lights including Teknikio star and heart LED’s, Adafruit sequin lights and our own sewable lights available in many colours including blue, white and orange.  This type of lights can be easier for the novice as the + and – are clearly marked on the LED.  They can be used for more delicate fabric projects such as quilting and fashion work. 


Circuit Stickers 

The Chibi circuit stickers by Chibtronics can be sewn into your e-textile project or used in other crafts such as card making, copper tape is used in making a circuit. 

                   Chibi Light Card                                                                                      

All these LED types of lights are stocked at Light Stitches so you can choose the best lights for your projects.  For e-textile project ideas e mail sales@lightstitches.co.uk for more advise. 

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