Choosing the right type of felt for your projects

Felt is a great material to use for crafting and e-textile projects. The key to using felt is to pick the correct type for your project. It is easy to cut, sew and glue and it comes in many colours. Felt is a great material as it does not fray.

Craft/Fashion Felt

This type of felt is usually 100% synthetic and man-made, the felt is usually acrylic.  Craft felt comes in many colours and widely available at major craft stores and online. Most craft felt comes in thin pre-cut sheets. Craft felt is also available in glitter sheets, animal print and  self-adhesive sheets. Craft felt is best used in projects such as: crafts, seasonal crafts and in schools.

Handicraft felt

One major difference between handicraft felt and craft felt is  the feel of the felt. The result is a soft, luxurious felt that actually has some of the characteristics of real wool. When comparing polyester craft felt to handicraft felt, the blended felt will have a good texture. This felt is available online and in major chain stores that carry fabric. Handicraft felt is more expensive than craft felt, but still reasonably priced and the quality is superior. Handicraft felt can be used in e-textile or felt craft projects, sewing projects, handicraft felts are used in home projects including notice boards, displays and exhibition panels, trophy bases.

Handicraft felt

Handicraft felt also can be self-adhesive it is great for craft projects. In our e-textile kits we use both felt and adhesive felt.

Some of the advantages of self-adhesive felt are no sewing, easy to use you just peel off the backing and stick down, self-adhesive felt sticks to felt, fabric, faux leather and can be used to cover many other things the list is endless, it adds texture and colour to your craft projects, great for decorations and it can be hand or machine sewn if needed.

Handicraft adhesive felt comes in many colours at Light Stitches we have a range of 48 different colours to order but stock the main colours black, red, green, yellow, white and Royal blue. This felt may be purchased in sheets and by the metre including 5 metre rolls. Available in sheets or 5 metre mini rolls – you’ll find the perfect size for your craft projects.

100% Wool Felt

Woollen felts are produced by applying heat, moisture and compression to the fibres, allowing them to fuse together naturally without any bonding agent.

Unlike blended wool felt, as the name suggests 100% wool felt is made from 100% wool. 100% wool felt comes in  a variety of thicknesses.  100% wool felt is sold by the sheet or metre and is quite expensive.  This felt has a luxurious feel and is used by professionals such as milliners, fashion accessories and footware. 

Needle Felting 

Needle felting is a technique using wool and needles to create a decorative effect on clothing and home furnishing, as well as creating shapes, pictures and objects. There are 2 main types of felting wet and needle felting.  Wet felting is the joining and squashing of wool fibres by using warm water, soap and rubbing motions. Needle felting is the process of joining of wool fibres by stabbing it with a barbed needle. There are many tutorials and kits for projects that can be made including felt pictures and animals.  You can also make bespoke gifts such as this bunting needle felted on hessian just for mum for Mother’s Day.


Mother’s Day needle felted bunting

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