Needle Felting with LED lights

We are introducing our new needle felting kits these are unusual as they incorporate the lovely craft of needle felting with electronic textiles – adding LED’s to create lights to our camper van projects.

There are now two kits a 2D camper van picture and a 3D camper van both have two white LED’s as their headlights. It is not a quick craft but as we all have more time on our hands to learn new skills at the moment these may be the projects for you.

What is needle felting?

Needle felting is using different types of wool and shaping it with barbed needle/s. When repeatedly stabbed the wool fibres tangle together and become firm to form shapes. The more you stab the tighter the wool gets this will make your shape smaller sometimes up to half the size you started with Needle felting can be used to make 2D and 3D projects.

Who is this craft for?

Needle felting is ideal for anyone over 10. Young children and pets should be kept away from the needles as they are very sharp.  Needle felting is a great hobby to do it is both mentally challenging and therapeutic at the same time.  Time will fly by when you are working on your projects.  It is not a quick hobby an average project will take between 3 to 4 hours.

 What is in the kit?

The kit contains everything that you need to complete your Camper Van project – wool batt, coloured wool, felting needles, Eco felt pad and electronic textile kit.  

We are also stocking starter kits and wool……other new kits on their way

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