Chibitronics Paper Circuits STEAM Educator’s Guide

We are one of the UK suppliers of Chibitronics products. Chibitronics wants to help schools and teachers in STEM subjects. It is called STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics)  in the USA. They have just released a 185 page education guide to help teacher plan lesson and give them ideas for the classroom.

To download a free copy click here.

What the 185 page guide includes is:

  • Overview and history of paper circuits, including materials, techniques and troubleshooting tips
  • Suggested learning standards
  • Resources on equitable teaching and collaboration in the classroom
  • 7 detailed lesson sequences based on the Circuit Sticker Sketchbook in Part 1 Lessons
  • 11 detailed lesson sequences based on Love to Code in Part 2 Lessons
  • 6 Featured Projects: cross-curricular adaptable project inspirations
  • Printable templates for each lesson sequence
  • Throughout the guide we celebrate artists, educators, art techniques and projects to showcase inspiring work in action. The arts are interwoven into each activity; STEM becomes a medium to ask and explore big questions about ourselves and the world, and nurture new forms of creativity.

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