Making a Bristle Bot using a Motion Board/Vibrating motor.

A motion board is a tiny vibrating motor.  This motor can be attached to paper or fabric easily using conductive thread or conductive tape like Maker’s tape.  Add a CR2032 battery to your project and this creates vibrations and movement.

Bristle bots

There are endless possibilities to use pager/vibrating motors in our Light Stitches Bristle/ Eco Bot kits uses these motors. A bristle bot is a simple walking robot with a rigid body.  A simple firm bristle toothbrush makes the bristle bot move quickly. It is easy to assemble and lots of fun just watch them move.

Bristle bots are ideal projects for groups such as scouts, after school clubs and STEM groups. Also a great school introduction for STEM learning at KS2.

Teknikio shivers the penguin
Shivers the penguin by Teckniki

Other ideas for using are  Teknikio projects that use these are the Origami penguin and Shivers the penguin.  

Origami robot
Origami robot with vibration motor and LED

Brown Dog Gadgets uses a type of motion board a pager/vibrating motor in their Origami Paper Crafts project. The origami robot uses both a motion board and a LED light as well as movement the project lights up as well.  

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