This pack includes 50 extension springs & 50 x 150mm Crimped Muscle Wire

Electronic wire which can expand or contract, ideal for smart textiles and model-making projects.

On passing a current through the muscle wire the composition of the wire changes which makes it contract. This movement can be increased by the use of levers etc to produce moving parts within models.

Muscle wire (also known as smart wire and nitinol wire) with crimped copper ring terminals

Fitted copper ring terminals make model making simple

Wires can easily be soldered on to the copper ring terminals

Muscle wire can be repeatedly used

Movement can also be controlled using a 555 timer circuit with a supply voltage of 4.5V, this allows the correct 3V to operate the muscle wire

Movement can also be controlled using PIC chips to activate and de-activate the muscle wire using the correct 3V supply


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