Coloured Corriedale Needle Felting Wool


This Corriedale mix wool is available in 10g slivers beautiful colours


Coloured Corriedale Needle Felting Wool. This Corriedale mix wool is available in 10g slivers.  Corriedale sheep are from New Zealand and are a cross breed of Lincoln and Merino they are one of oldest of the cross bred sheep.

Our Corriedale wool is sold in slivers, this means they come in strands taken from carded batt’s.  The slivers are usually 2-3 cm in diameter.

This type of wool is easy to use as the fibres are formed in different directions therefore making the fibres easier to join together to create your shape.

This versatile  and soft wool is ideal for both wet and needle felted 2D, 3D projects and spinning.

Our range of colours are

Candy Floss (pink)

Seal (light grey)

Egg Shell (pinky beige)

Raven (black)

Pumpkin (orange)

White Top

Scarlet (red)

Forest (dark green)

Buttercup  (yellow)

Mediterranean (blue)

Lichen (light green)

Technical information

Fibre: Corriedale

Microns: 29-30 Microns

Fibre Length: 80-120mm

Thickness 2-3cm


Please note there may be a small amount of vegetable matter in the wool




Additional information


White, Scarlet, Forest, Lichen, Pumpkin, Mediterranean, Raven, Buttercup, Seal, Eggshell, Candy Floss




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