New STEM Products from Brown Dog Gadgets – coming soon !!

We are very excited!! We are introducing new products from Brown Dog Gadgets direct from the USA. Brown Dog Gadgets are a forward thinking company founded in the USA who have introduced many new kits to engage STEM learning for creators of all ages. No matter how or what you create, Brown Dog products can help you learn the basics of electronics and circuitry.

The kits available are :-

Paper Circuits adding lights to paper there are a wide range of designs from Brown Dog to help you. From simple greeting cards to holiday themed paper crafts. Easy templates and step by step guides to help you create your designs.

Origami Circuits combine simple electronics with the centuries-old Japanese paper craft art of Origami. By adding LEDs and self-sticking motors we are able to create 3D paper craft projects that move, light up, and blink.

Crazy Circuits add Crazy Circuits parts to any LEGO™ project to make it light up. Ideal for that next step in LEGO™ project design.

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