Introducing Maderia Conductive Thread now available at Light Stitches

Light Stitches is now stocking Maderia conductive thread. The thread is available in cones of 150 or 250 metres.

HC12 is in a cone of 150 metres and is a thicker conductive thread and HC40 is in a cone of 250 metres a finer conductive thread ideal for delicate work or touch screen  gloves. Both have really good conductivity.

Madiera threads offer “High wear resistance and excellent stability is provided thanks to a specific manufacturing process which results in a durable pure silver plating around ever single filament. Silver plating of each fibre guarantees optimum conductivity which is required especially at contact points. MADEIRA’s highly conductive embroidery thread does not only offer specific technical functionality but also retains its textile characteristics such as flexibility, resilience and easy processing”

Maderia’s advice for their conductive thread.

  • High conductive thread is suitable to be used as either a top thread or under thread
  • It is vital that there’re are no breaks in the conductive thread, ensure the stitching does not make contact with any other stage in the circuit. Stitching should be done in parallel ensuring all positive terminals are connected to a positive and a negative terminals to negative.
  • Thread breaks or loosely stitched area could lead to contact failure. Strictly adhere to the wiring guidelines to ensure a successful circuit. Test the stitched circuit prior to completing the finished project.
  • Resistance ratings are used to calculate voltage drop over a certain distance, in basic terms means a higher resistance means a dimmer LED built, especially when multiple LED’s are used over a long distance.
  • The resistance rating for Maderia HC thread are as follows
    HC12 – Resistance:<100/Ωm
    HC40 – Resistance: <300/Ωm
    Maximum number of LED’s per battery 5.
  • Wash item inside out, place in a laundry bag. Gentle cycle 30 degrees using a mild detergent. Do not use disinfectant, bleach or chlorine. This will damage the silver coating causing thread to loose its conductivity. Do not tumble dry or iron, not suitable for dry cleaning. Always remove the battery.

Data sheets are available on request.


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