Ideas for a Happy Halloween

It’s that time of year again, when pumpkins are everywhere you turn in the supermarket and the kids are asking you to take them trick or treating. Whether you love it or hate it Halloween has come around again.

For some people Halloween is a chance to dress up for the night and have some fun, and for others it’s a night of hoping you do not hear a knock at your door. 

In a recent survey we found that only 41% of people will be celebrating Halloween this year, so we thought why not give you some tips and ideas on how to enjoy yourself this 31st October. 

One of the most iconic symbols of Halloween is the pumpkin, so why not get yourself one and have some fun with the family with ‘How To Carve A Pumpkin’ article. Look at our pumpkin for easy carving ideas.

Pumpkin with led lights ideal for safety.

Safety and lighting up your pumpkin

Safety is really important and a flame inside  the pumpkin can cause problems. The flimsy material of Halloween costumes can easily catch fire. As a safety precaution why not either use micro lights or a battery light to light up your pumpkin.  These lights can then be used time and time again especially with the Christmas season coming soon.

Why not make your own Halloween e-textile decorations to decorate the house – check out our pumpkin, bat and skull banner decoration. These are all great ideas to create a spooky atmosphere during Halloween. 

Trick or Treat

However, another main part of Halloween is trick or treating, which can cause problems with parents and people at home who do not wish to celebrate Halloween. 59% of people surveyed said they would not be celebrating Halloween this year. Some people find having trick or treaters knocking on their door intrusive or even threatening, feeling that they have to give sweets out from fear of having a ‘trick’ played. 

If the kids are begging you to let them go Trick or Treating this year then there are a few things you can do to make sure it is a safe and fun experience for everyone. Go with the children, this will mean you know that they are safe and, you can also ensure that they are behaving themselves when out and about. Also, instead of knocking on stranger’s doors, only go to the houses of people you know. You could even ask in advance if it is ok that you bring your children. That way your neighbours will know that they can expect a knock on the door, and they will also appreciate being consulted first.  

You either love or hate Halloween; however, whatever you do this October 31st be sure to stay safe and considerate to others. Enjoy dressing up or have a nice cosy night at home with a big bowl of soup, just keep an eye out for those in your local community and have a Happy Halloween. 

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