Chibitronics Love card Light Stitches card pack

Heart Card using Chibi Lights

Make a Heart Card that  lights up with this heart card that uses Chibitronics Chibi lights. Chibitronics produce chibi lights, these lights can be added to cards and craft projects.  You create a simple circuit – using copper tape, a CR2032 battery and the Chibi light.   We have produced an introductory kit a heart card…


What is muscle wire and how do I use it?

Muscle wire, also known as smart wire, more commonly known as nitinol or smart wire, which is the name for very high performance, shape memory alloy, actuator wires. It is made of nickel-titanium. The nickel-titanium alloys were first developed in 1962–1963 by the United States Naval Ordnance Laboratory and commercialized under the trade name Nitinol (an acronym for Nickel Titanium…