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This Origami Circuits Kit is one of the new products featured by Light Stitches from Brown Dog Gadgets direct from the USA .

This kit is ideal for young learners to learn the ancient art of Origami and circuits. Create your own projects from scratch or use one of Brown Dog’s free templates and build guides.

Bring your paper crafts to life with these engaging STEM kits.

Combine simple electronics with the centuries-old Japanese paper craft art of Origami. By adding LEDs and self-sticking motors we’re able to create 3D paper craft projects that move, light up, and blink! This is a great way to teach art, design, engineering, and basic electronics.

Create solder less pathways with our nylon based Maker Tape. Easily connect components by just sticking tape to them! Maker Tape is flexible, durable, and conducts with less then 10 ohm per foot of resistance. Maker Tape is also Z-Axis conductive, which means you can just overlap two piece of tape to create an electrical connection.

Kits include origami paper for quick and easy builds. Follow one of our many project guides or create your own. Since Maker Tape will stick to just about anything you can easily add motors and lights anywhere you want. Add LEDs to paper, cardboard, walls, glass, or even stick them to fabric to make temporary wearables.

These kits are intended for makers ages 10 and up due to the small parts and dexterity concerns. Coin cell batteries of any type can be extremely dangerous if swallowed and caution is always recommended. All projects are powered at 3V and have no danger of shocking or harming users.

The Standard Kit Includes:

  • 10 Blinking LEDs
  • 5 Jumbo LEDs (Red, Blue, Green, White, and Color Changing)
  • 5 Coin Cell Batteries
  • 4 Vibrating Motors
  • 1 Roll of Maker Tape (1/4th inch at 16 feet long)
  • 1 Robot Template

The Standard Kit is intended for a single user or small group activities and includes enough parts for at least four vibrating projects, whereas the Classroom Set includes enough components for at least 25 vibrating projects. The Standard Kit also includes one card stock robot template. Kits are available as the standard kit or the giant Classroom Set is available to order.

Project ideas include dancing robot, jumpy the frog, smiling skull, Robot buddies tardis, wacky witch and many more. Each project comes with step by step instructions, difficulty level and time for each project.

The kits use standard Origami Paper you can easily add lights and motors to any Origami design. For larger projects we do recommend using a heavier paper for an easier build.

We introduce this new product at a special price of £20.00.

We would love to see your own designs why not share your ideas and send them to sales@lightstitches.co.uk








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