Needle felting kits – 2 Kit Special Offer Needle Felt Kits


Needle Felt Kits Special Offer – hare and bear and dog and reindeer and birds and sheep, so much more.

Needle felting kits Special Offer Needle Felt Kits – hare and bear and dog and reindeer and birds and sheep, so much more. Just select TWO options and they will show at the discounted price. If you would like two kits the same just email your requirements

Choose from:
Grey Bear
Brown Bear
White Hare
Brown Hare
White Hare
Long tailed tit
Herdwick Sheep
Jacob Sheep
Black Welsh Sheep
Black dog
Jack Russell
Border Terrier

I was trying to work out why I think blackdogandgingercat kits are the best on the market – there’s so many.  So, I wrote a TOP REASONS TO BUY countdown.

NUMBER 1: Our appreciation, love and support of important charities such as SANE, as seen here in our black dog kit. And in turn, the sales of all of the other kits help to support my other work alongside charities such as ACEarts, MIND, and Somerset Wildlife Trust, as seen in the ongoing FIFTY BEES project.

NUMBER 2: Our wool is Renewable – it just grows and grows on the back of the sheep as long as there is grass to graze on and that makes wool totally renewable fibre source. It’s Biodegradable – totally. It breaks down; it returns to the solid and it makes fabulous mulch. And as it breaks down it releases nutrients into the soil – how cool is that. It’s Natural – one hundred percent natural and it’s been used since the Stone Age. And I use British because I believe we have some of the best animal welfare in the world.

NUMBER 3: We love supporting artisan makers, small scale dyers, local suppliers and small businesses in our own area – we’re all linked, all interconnected so why not help each other out? Here you see Fern floating on a sea of hand-dyed British Wool, dyed in Wales.

NUMBER 4: Every single element, ingredient or component in my kits are as environmentally responsible as possible.
It is either: Reused, Recycled, Recyclable, Repurposed, and/or British to save on transport and for animal welfare reasons. Because we’ve got to give this beautiful world of ours a hand. In the picture you’ll see Fern and friend next to a pile of worksheets – all of them printed onto recycled paper. There’s one particular part of these kits which has troubled me since I began designing them. And that’s the sponges, nasty plastic things. But good news on that front and I’ll tell you about that down the page.

NUMBER 5: They are suitable for anyone, yes ANYONE! No matter what your skill levels are, whether you are a complete novice or whether you have been working in Wool for a while, there is a kit made for you.
We have super, super easy, beginners, challenging and, at the top of the Ladder of Learning, the ‘Oh So Very Challenging’. There is an ethical dimension to selling these kits, too, it’s got to right for you or I’m not doing my job! And if I don’t do my job, I create waste. For example, my plan is that if you’re a beginner and you buy a bear kit, by the time you’ve created the bear, you ARE A NEEDLE FELTER – you need never buy another kit. (Obviously, I’d love it if you bought more but you shouldn’t have to!)

NUMBER 6: Again, they are suitable for anyone, including needlefelters who already have some felting experience. The four-legged animals are at the top of the Ladder of Learning, in the ‘Oh So Very Challenging’ category.

NUMBER 7: Tip-top Aftercare. It’s really important to me (and I’m sure it is to you, too) that you get good follow up care when you buy one of our kits. So, have ‘a word in my shell like’, email me or stop by for a chat if you ever need advice or to pick my brains on tips on how best to work your wool.

NUMBER 8: I REUSE everything. In one of the pictures you see a box full of reindeer needlefelt kits on their way to The Cairngorms last week, in a World of Wool box – hurrah – it’s a bit like the circle of life.

NUMBER 9. There’s this special offer

So all you have to do is choose from the selection or  email me to let me know which two kits you’d like.



2 Needle Felting Kits

Robins, Cats, Grey Bear, Brown Bear, White Bear, White Hare, Brown Hare, White Hare, Bluetit, Goldfinch, Long tailed tit, Wren, Herdwick Sheep, Jacob Sheep, Black Welsh Sheep, Black dog, Reindeer, Jack Russell, Border Terrier, Schnauzer


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