These Bristle Bots are tiny robots that use a pager motor. This class pack of 25 uses bamboo toothbrushes.

What is a Eco bristle bot ?   

A eco bristle bot is a simple walking robot with a rigid body.  A simple firm bristle toothbrush makes the bristle bot move quickly. It is easy to assemble and lots of fun – just watch them move.

The eco kit is a great easy way to start to learn basic science. This kit uses a bamboo toothbrush.  The brush is an environmentally  friendly toothbrush, the handle is formed from sustainable sourced bamboo and BPA- free nylon bristols.

This project is ideal for schools, out of school groups and guides/scouts organisations . Ignite your students interest with this fun project.  Can be a “hands on activity” at home this should get the kids away from their phones or TV. Also an ideal hands on children’s party activity.

Kits can also be supplied to your individual needs whether it is 5 or 100 just e mail us at sales@lightstitches.co.uk

The items are packed individually to help the individual or teacher/organisation.

There is an Overview for the 5 robot lessons and also two books available one for teachers called Robots lessons and a Student workbook .

The kit contains

Bamboo toothbrush heads with  coloured stripes, CR2032 batteries, Pager motors, Pompoms, Googly eyes, pieces double sided foam pad, pipe cleaners and coloured stickers.

Kit contents everything you need to create your own Bristle Bot (apart from glue).  Instructions, hints, facts and tips are in the kits.

There is also a video to help you complete your Bristle Bot

Class kits a pack of 25 is also available.

Enjoy making your Bristle Bot Bugs we would love to see your bugs.

Please send us a photo to sales@lightstitches.co.uk




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