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This Paper Circuits Kit is one of the new products featured by Light Stitches from Brown Dog Gadgets direct from the USA .

This kit is ideal for young learners to learn paper circuits. Create your own projects from scratch or use one of Brown Dog’s free Paper Craft templates and build guides.

Now featuring the new Maker Tape Conductive Nylon Tape in each kit. Maker Tape’s nylon fibres combined with conductive materials result in an amazingly strong and highly conductive tape that won’t leave a mess on your next project. Maker Tape turns any surface into your next circuitry project. Use it on walls or windows, cardboard or fabric, design your own Paper Craft creation or even apply it to LEGO™ bricks for use with Crazy Circuits. Unlike other conductive tape options Maker Tape is specially designed to be Z Axis Conductive for much easier project creation. Just overlap two pieces of Maker Tape to create a solid electrical connection. Just tape down the component for a simple connection. No mess, hassle, or special tools needed.

The Standard Kit Includes:

  • Maker Tape 1/4th Inch Conductive Tape Roll 5M (16 Feet)
  • CR2032 Batteries (x10)
  • Jumbo LEDs (x30) – Five Colors including Color Changing
  • Binder Clips (x10)

The Standard Kit is intended as an individual or small group activity kit, with enough parts for at least 10 projects. The Classroom Set is intended for large groups and includes enough parts for at least 40 projects. The kits include the same variety of components, with the Classroom Set containing four times as many components. Kits are available as the standard kit or the giant Classroom Set is available to order.

Project ideas include flowers, Black Cat, Christmas trees,Triceratops, Bookworm light up book mark/light and many more. Each project comes with step by step instructions, difficulty level and time for each project.








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