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Another amazing product from Teknikio – Introducing the award-winning “Shivers” the penguin. Shivers the Penguin won the  2017 Tillywig Brain Child Award.

With Teknikio products you can learn how to embed electronics into anything. Teknikio makes a range of fun components that work in origami, card or can be used in sewing projects.  The products are designed especially for children 8+ to adult.  They are easy and fun to use. The parts are reusable so can be used time and time again.

This kit comes with eco-felt penguin pieces to assemble plushie penguin and electronic parts to sew a shivering circuit inside. Motion board is activated when you squeeze the penguin.

Set includes:

  • Penguin fabric (pre-cut)
  • 1 Teknikio motor board
  • 1 Teknikio battery board
  • 1 battery
  • conductive thread
  • conductive fabric

Skills: sewing, circuits

There is also some step by step guides from Teknikio.




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