Making a Origami Dancing Robot

Light Stitches is now stocking Brown Dog Gadgets Origami Paper Circuit Kits. I wanted to find out how easy these kits are first hand. I first downloaded the templates from the Brown Dog Gadgets database on their website.

I downloaded the template and instructions and then followed the step by step video. It probably took me about 45 mins from start to finish as I took lots of pictures during the process and stopped the video to complete each step. If I wasn’t sure about the step I re-wound the video. The only thing I should have cut my slits a bit more to make adding the cardboard switch easier to insert.

Overall, I definitely agree this is a fun and easy activity with a great result. The robot moved and had a flashing light just like the video !! This video shows you how we created this Origami Dancing Robot.

My Origami Dancing Robot

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