Learn to code with Chibitronics

Learn to Code with Chibitronics . The Love to Code Creative Coding Kit is a fun, new way to learn circuits and coding. Open our interactive storybook, Love to Code Vol 1, and you’re greeted by Fern the Frog and her friends.  Watch this video to hear Fern’s story

Join Fern and her pals on a journey to make cool interactive projects and learn circuits and programming along the way. You’ll learn to make LED lights shine and blink with loops and variables, craft paper switches and program them with conditional statements, and make complex light patterns with multithreaded programming.  Finally, level up your coding skills with our debugging chapter, which shows you how to find and fix problems in projects.

With Love to Code, everyone can create stories with circuits and code. At Light Stitches we stock the full range of coding kits.

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