Light Up your Christmas jumper using LED lights in 5 easy steps

Maybe you are starting to plan ideas for Christmas this year.  Are you knitting a Christmas jumper or have you an old jumper that could do with brightening up?

This 5 easy step by step guide will help you plan on how to change a boring Christmas jumper to your very own personised Christmas jumper with LED lights. Then our Instructions to make a Christmas Jumper   will help you complete your jumper.

  1. First you need to plan your design. Where do you want the lights to go on your jumper? On my Christmas jumper I wanted to use 3 LED they were placed in the middle of the shooting stars. As a general rule when using 5mm LED’s a maximum of 5 lights with one battery holder is the maximum.
  2. Is your jumper suitable will adding lights enhance the look of the jumper or spoil it? Now get pen and paper to sketch the planning of your jumper.
  3. Once you have decided where you want the lights to go, position them on the outside of the jumper – do they look right? if not look at other places they could go.
  4. Now turn your jumper inside out. You will need to position your battery holder and plan where the conductive thread will go. Make sure your battery holder is somewhere where it can easily be switched on and off – usually at the base of the jumper.
  5. The inside of my jumper was very colourful so seeing the conductive thread was difficult and I needed to sew from the battery holder to each LED.

Top tip to make it easier to see the conductive thread I used a tape to create a line from the battery holder to each LED.

Our  Light Stitches kit has 3 multi-coloured LED’s a battery and battery holder and conductive thread.

Now you have completed the planning you are ready to begin to sew your LED lights in and complete your jumper.

.E-textile kit Christmas jumper kit

Christmas jumper kit

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