Camper Van Key Ring with Teknikio Sewable Star Lights

At last an easy sewable light that has an amazing colour.  I used my own camper van design as it is one of my most popular products.  My camper van kit comes with the components battery holder, soft switch, CR2032 battery, felt, conductive thread, adhesive felt and 2 LED lights.  These star lights would replace the 2 LED lights.  I used different coloured felt as the Teknikio lights were blue so I colour co-ordinated this into my design.  The lights were easy to use and ideal for the younger learner of technology as there is no bending of the LED legs.  The star LED lights are part of my design as these are the headlights for my camper van.  The LEDs produce a very bright blue I think they look great in this design. Let me know what you think ….

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