Brown Dog Gadgets – Tardis

This tutorial from Brown Dog Gadgets shows you how to make a Tardis with the Brown Dog Paper Circuits Kit.

Adding lights and a motor mover makes this Tardis light up and move. This is one of many tutorials from Brown Dog that shows you how easy paper circuits are ideal for children and adults. You can follow the tutorials or create your very own designs.

The kit features the new Maker Tape Conductive Nylon Tape.

Maker Tape’s nylon fibers combined with conductive materials result in an amazingly strong and highly conductive tape that won’t leave a mess on your next project. Maker Tape turns any surface into your next circuitry project. Use it on walls or windows, cardboard or fabric, design your own Paper Craft creation or even apply it to LEGO™ bricks for use with Crazy Circuits.

Unlike other conductive tape options Maker Tape is specially designed to be Z Axis Conductive for much easier project creation. Just overlap two pieces of Maker Tape to create a solid electrical connection. Just tape down the component for a simple connection. No mess, hassle, or special tools needed. 

We stock 3 kits from Brown Dog Gadgets as well as paper circuits there is Origami circuits and crazy circuits all feature makers tape.

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