Bristle Bots Update going more eco friendly

We have been making and supplying Bristle Bots individually and for groups such as Scouts for the Brush Bug badge and after school clubs or a Key Stage 2 STEM project.

Bristle Bot

Our kits are individually made and have used both plastic and bamboo toothbrushes. We took a view this year to discontinue our plastic toothbrushes. Now we will only use bamboo toothbrushes as this will be our bit to try and help the environment.

We have reduced the price of the kits to the same price as the plastic toothbrushes we used to use.

What is a bristle bot? A bristle bot is a simple walking robot with a rigid body.  A simple firm bristle toothbrush makes the bristle bot move quickly. It is easy to assemble and lots of fun just watch them move.

We have some great idea for you in our resources section with a free student workbook and teacher ideas include a bristle bot race.

We can make kits to suit your organisation just contact us.

Click here for more details about our Eco Bristle bot kit.

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