Bare Electric Paint

As it is Science week I thought I would buy myself a new kit to try out. As I had not used electric paint before this would be another medium to learn about. I purchased a kit from Bare Conductive an electric paint circuit kit.

It is a flat pack kit with cardboard structures that are easy to build. Details of the circuit and a tube of electric paint.

Bare Electric Paint

The instructions were clear and the cardboard structures were easy to put together. The kit comes with 5 flat LED’s similar to Chibi Lights.

The electric paint comes in a small tube it is a slightly thick black paint.

Bare Electric Paint

Following the instructions it was easy to complete. I accidently got a little paint on my skin but this was easy to wash off and no stain left behind.

Once the 9v battery(not supplied in the kit) was placed on the circuit the kit lit up

I then added the cardboard buildings. Overall the kit is easy to use and with the great instructions is straight forward. I then did some research and found some guides on making your own conductive paint – maybe next time?

The completed kit

Checking the circuit, buildings in place and finally all lit up

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